Numbered "Shrimp" signs going up on U.S. 90

By Warren Kulo | The Mississippi Press

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OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi -- Motorists in west Jackson County have likely noticed round blue signs, each with a different number, going up on traffic signal arms on U.S. 90 over the past few days.

The signs are the result of a project underway by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Harrison County, according to bureau executive director Renee Areng.

The numbers on each sign at each intersection -- 79 total stretching from the Louisiana state line to the Alabama state line -- will be used to help tourists locate various attractions across the coast, using the bureau's Dining & Attraction Guide.

Inside the guide, visitors will find each coast attraction -- casinos, restaurants, bars, golf courses, etc. -- with a number corresponding to the nearest U.S. 90 intersection, as well as Interstate 10 exits.

Signs began going up in Hancock County, with the project making its way east through Harrison County and into Jackson County.

"The project was already planned before I arrived," Areng said. "I just implemented it."

The $75,000 project is being funded through a BP grant. MDOT issued a permit to allow the signs to be attached to the signal light arms and Harrison County created the signs in its sign shop.

The visitor's bureau printed 100,000 of the Dining & Attraction Guides even before the signs began to go up and all of them have already been given out. Another 100,000 are currently being printed, Areng said.

Also in the works is a mobile phone/tablet app for the guide.

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