Deer Island... Haunted Mississippi Island ??

The Stories Behind This Haunted Mississippi Island Will Give You Goosebumps

A quarter mile off the coast of Biloxi, you’ll find Deer Island. The tropical treasure is the closest to the coastline of all the barrier islands, yet many residents don’t know it’s there, which means they are also unaware of its haunted past. The sprawling 400-acre island is home to ten different types of endangered species and two of the state’s most mysterious entities. Both ghosts were documented for the first time in the Sun Herald in a 1922 article by A.G. Ragusin.

The article recounted the tale of two fishermen, who were planning to stay on the island overnight. While sitting around the campsite, they heard something moving in nearby bushes. Assuming it was a hog, the men tried to ignore it, but as the sound grew louder, they decided to investigate.

As they approached the bushes, they came face to face with a headless skeleton, which began to chase them. The two fishermen were so scared, they ran for the boat, leaving all of their equipment behind.

So just who is the headless skeleton? According to the 1922 article, he’s a pirate who met his demise when he volunteered to guard the loot he and his fellow pirates buried. Once he volunteered, the captain had his head cut off and his body thrown into the bushes.

Throughout the years, several fishermen claimed to have come in contact with the headless skeleton, which eventually came to be known as the “Ghost of Deer Island.” Many fishermen recounted the same chain of events, claiming they heard something rattling and shaking in the bushes prior to being chased by the headless entity.

The article also mentioned a supernatural blue light, known as “Firewater Ghost.” The mysterious light has been spotted moving across the bay between Biloxi and Ocean Springs long before the invention of electricity. According to legend, the light is believed to be some type of ghostly guard, patrolling the area with a lantern in his hand.

Have you ever heard about paranormal occurrences on Deer Island? Despite the stories, Deer Island truly is a gem worth checking out. The best part? Since it’s so close, anyone with a small boat, canoe, kayak, or paddleboard can access it.

Posted in Mississippi June 15, 2016 by Daniella DiRienzo


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